Approximate driving time from Lana‘i City: 4 hours R/T

As you leave Lana‘i City Services turn right on Lana‘i Avenue and continue through the center of Lana‘i City and past the Lodge at Koele. Stay on the paved road and descend down the north side of the mountain toward the coastline.

Once you reach the end of the pavement continue to drive straight on to the dirt road. Keomoku Village, Kahalepalaoa Landing, Lopa Beach and Naha Fish Ponds are accessible on this drive. The old Hawaiian Church is approximately 45 minutes from the paved road. This would be a great time to stop and explore the old Hawaiian village by foot. Take note of the antique rusty locomotive that used to transport sugarcane back when Lana’i was a plantation island. From here it is another 45 minutes to the end of the road where you will reach Naha Fish Ponds.

You will need to turn around at Naha Fish Ponds in order to return to Lana‘i City. Please remember that driving on the beach is illegal. We would highly recommend parking along the well traveled road and walking towards the coastline to explore and enjoy some of Lana‘i’s private and secluded beaches.

lanai route 2 map